Wpf listbox observablecollection not updating

The Target Framework Name was previously null in the default app domain, unless it was explicitly set.Beginning in 4.6, the Target Framework Name property for the default app domain will have a default value derived from the Target Framework Attribute (if one is present).The app should not require modification because of this change. NET Framework 4.5 to 4.6.2, review the following topics for application compatibility issues that may affect your app: Beginning in the . NET Framework will attempt to automatically reconnect broken SQL connections.Although this will typically make apps more reliable, there are edge cases in which an app needs to know that the connection was lost so that it can take some action upon reconnection.

Be aware that Get Custom Attribute(s) will work more frequently now.

For more information, see SQL Server Connection Pooling (ADO. This behavior is problematic for connections to Azure SQL databases, which often fail with transient errors that are typically recovered from within a few seconds.

The connection pool blocking feature means that the app cannot connect to the database for an extensive period, even though the database is available and the app needs to render within a few seconds.

If this behavior is undesirable, the connection pool blocking period can be configured by setting the Pool Blocking Period property introduced in the . The value of the property is a member of the Pool Blocking Period enumeration that can take either of three values: Open() and Open Async(Cancellation Token) fail in the .

NET Framework 4.5 if running on a Windows 7 machine with a non-IFS Winsock BSP or LSP are present on the computer.

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The change only affects apps that use Event Listener to read Event Source data in process and that use null characters as delimiters.

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