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The council hadn’t bothered to remove it, so Mr Hunt decided to do it himself. The graffiti was disgusting, certainly not something you’d want children to see.Only then did the powers-that-be decide to swing into action, not against the vandals who had put it there in the first place but against the Good Samaritan who had taken it upon himself to remove it. I’ve done the parish council a favour and they’ve sent me a bill for it.’Apparently, their main objection was that he’d used the ‘wrong’ kind of paint, bog-standard black emulsion. But the surface of the skate park is smooth.’Councillor Paul Beaman said: ‘The parish clerk is under strict instructions that if we have any damage to council property then it goes straight to the police and it’s up to the police how they deal with it.‘If Craig had telephoned the clerk, told her what he wanted to do, we would have said fine, go ahead, and made sure he had the correct paint. All decisions have to be approved by the full council.’Rules is rules: the self-important bleat of the Great British Jobsworth down the ages.This might, on the face of it, seem a fairly petty incident.But it goes to the heart of the relationship between the authorities and the people they are supposed to serve.And what was the copper supposed to do if Mr Hunt refused to accept it — charge him with criminal damage and take him away in handcuffs?

Goodness knows how long it would have remained there if Craig Hunt — a civic-minded chap, who volunteers for Studley In Bloom and the local nature reserve — hadn’t decided to take the matter into his own hands.Mr Hunt’s ‘crime’ was to paint over some obscene graffiti at a nearby skate park, without the council’s permission.The graffiti, complete with some rather revolting drawings, had been there for three weeks.He sounds like Studley’s answer to the ever-vigilant Martin Bryce, the pillar of the Neighbourhood Watch and every society going, played by Richard Briers in that wonderful British suburban comedy, Ever Decreasing Circles.Yet instead of thanking Craig for performing a valuable service to the community, the council chose instead to punish him.

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The deer, now called Strawberry, lives on peaches, rose petals and strawberries (obviously) and is free to come and go through a dog flap in John’s back door. We’ve had to erect chicken wire around every tree and bush in our garden because they’ve stripped bare all the lower leaves and bark.

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