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Stewart, who has become increasingly vocal about her dating life after keeping mum in the wake of her high-profile split from Robert Pattinson, told in the November-issue interview that she is ready to be up front about her romantic life. But as her relationship with Clark reportedly begins, it’s taking place in the public eye. And not just with me—we’re really allowed to encourage this new acceptance to develop and be awesome.”Until recently, Stewart has kept coy about her relationships, with her mom being one of the first to reportedly comment on her romance with Cargile in 2015.While the woman behind the account is cautious about revealing her identity, she was happy to email with us to decode the web of rumored female celebrity relationships and hookups that happened this year, from St. In fact, I have started making my own celesbian chart of the relationships and hookups of 2016. Give us a little background on her role in the “celesbian” rumor mill.Kristen Stewart is most definitely what I would refer to as “Millennial Shane” (which is another reference to The L Word, in case you fall into the small percentage of people reading this that haven’t seen the show). Stew is what Alice would refer to as a “hub,” which means she is the common denominator in a lot of relationships.I know straight people will never believe anyone who tries to tell them that someone as famous as Taylor Swift could possibly be gay, but the queers always know the truth, years in advance. On a related note, I have an in-depth Kendall Jenner lesbian theory that results in a possible coming out in 2020 when her brother-in-law runs for president.

Now that the divorce is final, has she been seeing anyone new?The pair recently spent time together in Savannah, Georgia, where Kristen has been filming Lizzie, a new movie about Lizzie Borden who was infamously accused of murdering her father and stepmother with an ax in the 19th century.For the @celesbians Twitter account, 2016 was a busy year.If you are a bisexual woman and you get into a relationship with another woman, everyone automatically assumes you hate men and never want to date one again, which is not true.She married, then divorced, Johnny Depp, so she could get back to her roots. You talk a lot on your Twitter account about Taylor Swift. In the celesbian community, Taylor Swift is quite a sore spot for some people. She’s too much of a powerhouse product at this point.

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