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''He's a man of the heart and he doesn't become cynical.'' Which is also the last thing you could say about Matheson.Actually setting hearts aflutter, teenage or otherwise, is not the 27-year-old actor's primary concern as we sit in a Prague cafe just off the square the television crew have co-opted for the duration. They don't know who I am, I don't know who they are, so let's see whether we like each other, rather than you walk into a room where everybody knows who you are and some people take an immediate dislike to you and some think you know something. Later this month Matheson can be seen in the title role of Granada's adaptation of Boris Pasternak's epic novel Dr Zhivago. Not bad for someone who until now has been more a background figure than an upfront face on the big and small screen - unless, that is, you've seen such arthouse fare as Stella Does Tricks. In December there's another supporting role in British chiller-thriller Deathwatch to add to small parts in Still Crazy and Les Miserables on his CV, but more immediately and more importantly there's the little matter of stepping into Omar Sharif's shoes.''I suppose you would call it a romantic childhood really. My grandad died last year which was a big loss and things have really changed since then.'' It was his grandfather who took Matheson and his younger brother fishing and taught them to swim and play golf. Although he was raised in England, lives in Bromley in Kent and speaks with an unmistakable southern accent he still considers himself Scottish.He idly dreams of one day buying a croft on Mull or Lewis.Granada, meanwhile, has taken over a rather shabby block in the centre of the city just around the corner from the old town square and recreated a little bit of old Russia in it. Here's Lara's bedroom, a dark, dingy space with a copy of the Sunday Times sports section lying on the bed.

''I think it's quite a natural process that you go through,'' he argues. But there's so many more things to life than drugs. After drama school he quickly began to earn screen time. He thinks cool, yeah, I'm gonna get some action.'' Before you get too excited, though, he says there's not much sex in Zhivago, even though it's been adapted by that recurrent controversialist Andrew Davies, creator of Tipping the Velvet. You've got to realise that it's not everything, making films.'' The dam has broken now.Caitlin from Washington really likes Hans Matheson. When I arrive, the Czech capital is overrun by film crews. Safe to say that Caitlin and Gry will soon have rather a lot of competition. ''He's a real sweetie,'' Holly and Natalie the PRs tell me before I meet him on the Zhivago set in Prague.''I worked with him when I left school.'' It seems the actor was not a star pupil. He has described himself as something of a disruptive teenager, not averse to sampling the odd chemical substance. '' Was it ever something that ruled his life, I ask. In a way I'm glad I experimented early on because I'd hate to have not experienced it and then be doing it now and maybe using it for confidence. Drama college, he says, was a process of personal development. When I auditioned for drama college they asked me to do my Shakespeare. They asked me to do my modern and I couldn't do it.But this is a description he is unwilling to endorse today. ''For the first year I was just coming out of my shell.'' It was his psychoanalyst mother who first suggested that he should go on a course. They asked me if I had a song prepared and I said no, so I sang Happy Birthday. I think the problem I have with films is that because there's so much hype around them they become bigger than they should be really.

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