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On the Mac, this was easily accomplished, but on the Palm, having to type in Graffiti, it was a pain. It NEVER ever crashed and worked on all different Mac and Palm OS systems! Thank you.""I bought your Password wallet program before, and just bought a new full version again because I couldn't find the first registration.Not only did you fix that with this upgrade, but you entirely Cocoa-fied the whole app. 3 in Nov 2006, but wanted to purchase the updgrade because it looks and works so great I didn't want the free upgrade - all the hard word deserves more - I appreciate all the work. I only bought the new version to support your work, because there was no reason to upgrade because the software is already stable and has all the features I need! ""Password Wallet has been with me for as long as I can remember needing a secure memory of my pass codes. Most of what I try to install on this mac G4 cube w/OS9.2.2 just does not work, and/or makes other apps. I've been using PW Wallet on my phone and i Pad for years AND find it so useful, I keep track of my family's pw's for them (in separate files).I LOVE this app, and just wanted to send some $ your way, since you've been SO NICE to not harass me when its not convenient.""You have been quick and effective, responding to my handfull of inquiries over the many years.I want a simple interface for application names and serial numbers. The i Phone export functionality was the final justification for buying an i Phone.""Love the new look of v4 -- I held out on the upgrade until there was a solution for the i Phone. Looking forward to an Apple SDK for the i Phone so you can create a REAL app!:) Thanks for this, though -- I've been lost w/out PW on my i Phone (it was the only thing I missed about my Treo)!" You have found the perfect trial peroid balance with Password Wallet. I found Password Wallet a while ago, thought it was great, bought the Palm version also.You gave me ample time to become hooked then reeled me in. The time it saves you in the long run makes it well worth the buy. The ONLY thing that annoyed me about the Palm version was that I couldn't copy from the database onto the clipboard and paste it into web forms.

I am now buying PW for my Mac to allow me to sync and backup that way. I always had trouble remembering my user name and passwords and Password Wallet completley fixed all of my problems. Many password apps allow you to catalogue everything including the kitchen sink! Initially simple, yet with a deeper feature set that does not bog down entry and use of the features one chooses to implement. Password Wallet is also available for Palm Classic, web OS and Windows Mobile Classic "I feel very secure using Password Wallet.No keys have to be sent over the internet.""Absolutely!""Password Wallet for i Phone is genial - I have been thinking about it today and tonight I received news that it does exist!!! ""Thanks to Password Wallet I have tracked my myriad passwords for years, always knowing they are safe.It will finally allow me to put my Palm III to rest - now I need to buy the i Phone... Now, with Password Wallet for i Phone, I have access to all of this sensitive information - with no worries that others can get to it. ""As a fellow shareware author I have to say "Well done!

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I lived in a disorganized mess of coded notes (and often couldn't remember the codes) before I found Password Wallet.

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