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Text each other sexy, naughty thoughts throughout the day (if you're international, spend the or per month for an international texting plan -- it's worth it! Leverage Skype or Facetime and put on a little show for each other.Record naughty voice messages of yourself masturbating or speaking an erotic scene and email it to your lover so they can listen to it again and again.Daily Special Phone Call: Keep the phone as special as you can.Handle mundane business via email, IM or text message and keep the phone for making that intimate connection.● When you schedule phone sex (or video chat sex), turn off all other distractions, get comfortable and let loose.The first few times may feel awkward but soon it will be a sexy ritual you both look forward to.

Sending little gifts, notes, cards, postcards or pictures to your partner (whether you're the one at home or the one away) takes only a moment and racks up a huge score on the intimacy chart.If you have a nice thought about a time you spent together, write it down so you don't forget to talk about it. Dawn Serra is a sex and relationship coach who’s managed to maintain a thriving sex life, despite being in a long-distance relationship for over a year.She states positively “Maintaining a healthy sex life across any distance is so easy these days.Tease each other -- draw it out to build anticipation.● Tell each other when you masturbate and what you were thinking about.

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