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Unlike Sandy and Melinda, Cyndy was reunited with her birth mother. She’s only a few minutes away.” Sure enough, Linda Davis arrives shortly thereafter.

This forlorn space is where the Hicks Community Clinic once operated. The extra mouths to feed were simply too expensive.

n a humid August day in the small mountain town of Mc Caysville, Georgia, Sandy Dearth stands in front of the building where, 53 years ago, a nurse secretly and illegally handed her out a back window to a pair of eager and nervous adoptive parents. Despite a gulf of fifty-plus years, Sandy feels her presence here. “I can’t believe my parents actually came down here and did this.” She laughs. A very small number were reconnected with their birth parents.

Sandy, who has not been back here since that day in 1963, is holding her husband Bill’s hand tightly. She walks around to the alley behind the building and pauses in front of the window where she was passed to her now deceased adoptive parents all those years ago. Although their search for their origins has been documented – some might even say exploited – what remains unseen is the powerful relationship the Hicks Babies share with each other and to the place that is and isn’t their hometown.

“If there was no demand for the service,” Rush continues, “Hicks would not have been doing it. She is tall and redheaded, the product of an ancestry she does not fully know.

He wasn’t going around knocking girls up and holding them hostage in his apartment until they delivered their babies so he could sell them.” Like many people who live and work in the Copper Basin, Rush is frustrated by sensationalist portrayals of Dr. “But people believe that.” His voice drops and he imitates a morally outraged newscaster: “‘’ No, he did not keep records. The second the adoption was completed and the family took the child he got rid of any paper trail.” It is this gap that fuels the conspiracy theorists, according to Rush. Perhaps more than any other adoptee, her life has been marked by tragedy.

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He died in 1972 and it took three decades before Hicks’ actions were brought to light.

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