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Certification ensures that the stylist knows how the chemicals will react with hair.A hair stylist for almost 20 years, Arce had her first Brazilian Blowout client booked for the following Thursday, but wanted to try it on herself first. Next, she would flat iron it, then rinse, and then a final blow dry.The agreement dictated that the company could continue to legally sell Brazilian Blowout, but only as long as it warns consumers about the formaldehyde in it.The company complied, and also settled a class-action lawsuit for almost .5 million.OSHU researchers found that Brazilian Blowout contained a significant amount of formaldehyde. But last year, readers of magazine, the premier publication for beauty professionals, voted Brazilian Blowout the Best Professional Smoothing Treatment for the third year in a row.A chemical found in embalming fluid, formaldehyde is listed as a possible cause of cancer by the U. A visit to the product’s website shows beautiful models with straight, shiny locks.

(Arce felt uncomfortable revealing the names of the employers and co-workers she says continued to use Brazilian Blowout.

The settlement with the California attorney general required that the Brazilian Blowout formula be tested to see if it violates California’s air quality law.

Three bottles of the smoothing treatment were tested at three separate locations.

A Portland-area salon had alerted OHSU’s toxicology center about Brazilian Blowout several months earlier.

The salon’s workers had suffered symptoms similar to those Arce experienced.

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