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Aki is a third-year student with a rather stern personality, earning her the reputation as the "Captious Student Council President".Her grades are outstanding, the best Kouga Academy has ever seen, and was formerly a member of the swim club, specifically as a diver. She has been the protagonist's friend since middle school and has frequently given him nicknames based on his interests at the time; the one she uses most frequently is "Darts'un" from the time the protagonist tried playing darts. She engaged in gymnastics during middle school but switched to rhythmic gymnastics in high school.She is not the type to engage in small talk and therefore is mostly seen by herself.She rarely smiles and is prone to sarcastic comments.

Her grades are quite good even with the careless mistakes that she often makes.

The anime adaptation goes across each girl, following a common arc until episode 4, which serves as the branching off point for each route; each route is an episode long (except for Haruka's, which received a two-part treatment), when one is completed, the next episode reverts to a certain point in time and goes down another route. He has tried and given up on many different kinds of activities including playing guitar and darts, among other things.

His current hobby, sparked by the gift of his father's old digital camera, is photography.

I can't remember if Memories Off has an english patch, but I think it's a visual novel from my understanding.

Psp dating sim games english patch You can read about custom firmware. Thanks to Exotic Poison17 from You Tube for reporting this.

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