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And so the way I use cams is a little unconventional, in that I carry a full set of cams, a mix of Camalots (2 and 3) and Totem cams (red, green, purple, yellow and blue), and then a second set of small cams, usually Totam basics (red, yellow, green, blue and Fixe black), meaning I double up in finger sized cams.The Totem basics are sized in between the Totem 'fancy cams' (they don't seem to have a name, and end up calling basics ‘aliens’ and Totems just Totems), plus the basics are narrower, so often one cam with fit better than the other.A C3 cam will go where a 4 cam unit will not, and works really well in very shallow corners, were only the inside and centre cam are in the crack, and I've placed these in places most people would only get a crapy micro wire.Cutting of the draws is no biggy as these BD C3 are actually rigid really (when flexed sideways), unlike basic (which you can almost tie in knots), so always needs to be extended.Ashe County is located atop the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Ashe County is a place anyone would want to visit and most want to call it home!! In the US, when climbing on granite it's more usual to climb with two sets of cams and one set of wires, as often the cracks are more parallel and clean, plus pitches can often be longer too, so one set of cams leaves you pretty run out.When speed climbing, free or aid, cams are also your best defence against lost time, going in fast and coming out just as quick, no fiddling with nut tools.We were the first (and only) preschool in Florida to issue digital pagers (remember those? Throughout the day, we broadcast little class-specific text messages about where the children were in the school and what they were up to. But we were replacing a half dozen lost pagers every month at a pop. In 2000, we became the first (and only) preschool in Gainesville to install live internet webcams.Parents and out of town family members were now able to log on anywhere and check in on their little ones.

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A more functional way to rack cams is to place less used cams at the back (black and blue micro cams for example), having the go too cams (finger sized front and centre).

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