How does dating affect teenagers who is vanessa williams dating now

"I tell my patients that if they have a seizure, they have to stop driving," Turk says."It's the law and it's to protect them and their parents and anyone else on the road." Obviously, teenagers with epilepsy date just like anyone else. In the end, the decision is up to each teen, but you should encourage your child to be honest and open.One potentially awkward issue that you may want to bring up with your daughter is pregnancy.You may think it's too early to have this talk, but it's probably not.Also, some states may allow you to get a license if you're having seizures only at a specific time of day when you wouldn't be driving (such as right before bed).

If you have an open and honest relationship with your child when she's young, you may feel more comfortable with her independence as she grows older.The laws vary from state to state, but generally, if a person with epilepsy is on medication and hasn't had a seizure recently, he or she can get a license.Just how long the person must be seizure-free depends on where you live.It's important to talk to your teenager about the significance of this information.Having a seizure while driving endangers your teen, his passengers, and other drivers.

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