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Since mice are not fans of mint, try concocting your own peppermint repellent by boiling two cups of water, turning off the heat, and then adding 4-6 peppermint tea bags to the pot. Stir in two teaspoons of dishwashing liquid so that the solution will stick to the floors for a longer period of time.

Once you’ve snagged a mouse on a trap, it’s time to discard of the remains.

Place cereal and other boxed items in glass containers and plastic Tupperware.

Some people have been successful in keeping mice away by sprinkling bay leaves in their kitchen and about the pantry.

Keep new mice from entering your residence by adding mint plants to the foundation of your house.

If you are already battling a mouse problem, sprinkle mint leaves in the parts of your home that the mice like to frequent.

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Mint is known to repel mice in most cases, but you must remember to replace old leaves with fresh ones on a regular basis.

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