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At first, it’s silly and embarrassing, dancing to make the other laugh but before we know it, it becomes slow and sensual. His hands are massaging my lower back and mine are around his neck.I feel his breath against my ear and his already impressive bulge rubbing against me. His fingers start to trace where he should feel panties or even a thong but there's nothing there.We reach our floor and run to our room, struggling to kiss before finally managing to fall through the door.

I slip off my black heels and leave it all in an untidy pile.As Rob gets the hint and moves next to me I pour us two shots. "To not having sex for six months and being so fucking horny!"A toast to other halves who can't handle their drink! " So now I'm drunk, but I still know what I'm doing.I bump into the bar and he takes my arms and puts them behind my back, gently trapping them there.I'm now too deep into this feeling of bliss and I can't stop even though I know I should.

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The kids and our hectic lives have meant that we have both let that part out of lives fade.

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