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hopefully fake memory :-P Danubis I have lived in toowoomba for 11 years and i have heard of no such height limits.I will try and get my hands on a height limits map. I went in years ago and asked for details on the condamine centre and heritage plaza and they did not know what i was talking about.I like the style of the building, it will fit in very nicely in Toowoomba.does anyone know where we can get a map of hieght limits for toowoomba?I will try and get some pics Yeah would look great.The skyscrapers would have to be pretty large thou.

All the suburbs have a height limit of 25 meters now and uni has a 35 meter height limit to roof.

Rang my mate the other day and he said that there was a 50 meter height limit when heritage and condamine were built, this was reduced to 35 meters in 1990.

But as far as he nows there is no height limits on the range, its just up to the public and developers.

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