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Series III, Pauli Murray consists of documents about Pauli Murray, the author and civil rights leader who was credited by Milgram as having convinced him to become a developer of integrated housing.Series IV, Notebooks is a collection of Milgram’s handwritten annotations throughout the years.There are many duplicate file headings, as well as headings that refer to the same people or organizations in different ways.

In all, Milgram provided integrated housing to more than 20,000 people in Philadelphia, California, Boston, New York, Texas, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Cambridge, Chicago, and Washington.A social activist and civil rights trailblazer, Milgram believed firmly in the possibility of racial harmony and based his efforts in the assumption that blacks should have the same access to housing as whites.Probably the biggest obstacle to the achievement of his goals was the difficulty in obtaining financing for his plans; Milgram was frequently rejected by banks and other financial institutions he approached for investment and venture capital.The business records include material on his early career as a developer of open housing, multiple sets of office records generated by the different companies he founded with the purpose of establishing housing projects, detailed record of transactions between Milgram and his investors and donors, and correspondence between Milgram and several political figures.The personal papers include material on his college years, letters to and from Milgram’s wives, documents about his activities in different political organizations, and correspondence from friends and relatives.

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