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"It's a bit like a Royal Variety show, only I'm the only person on stage," he ventures, the distinctive vocals slowly returning. I wish I could just get up and tell stories like John Bishop, but I've left it too late for that and my audiences now have certain expectations.

"It's my own fault, of course; audiences are trained to react in a certain way, like dogs are trained to react to something they expect to happen.

His centre brain, meanwhile, is "the coach", pushing him to the limit of his mental and physical capabilities.

It's like a trampoline; I enjoy being on a trampoline, but I don't have to think about it before jumping." :: Jason Byrne, The Man With Three Brains, takes to the Ulster Hall on Sunday November 5 (uk).It’s going to give audiences an insight into my mind..." Sometimes, the former electrician, who used to rig up the lighting on stage for other people's shows, worries that the effort required is too much and he set the comedic bar too high at the outset."I wonder if I want to go back to my 'real job' and just laugh in the pub with – or at – friends at weekends, as I've never really wanted to do [comedy4]," he says emphatically – but, then again, he could be joking."On my last tour, I created an entire show full of props, and the audiences couldn’t stop laughing," he recalls."I wanted to show them some of the method behind the madness, peeling back to reveal my three brains.

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When I first thought about doing this for a profession, my parents were, like, ' That's great, you go for it', and I was like, ' No, no, I don't think I can; I want something steady and not as chaotic.' "It is exhausting and you have to concentrate like f**k. I like listening to other people being funny and the funniest people are those you meet in the streets or in the pub.

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