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This will cover their vanilla life, play parties, other partners, etc. Follow Bella & Alice on their journey through complications and their pasts to build love together.

Edward & Jasper face their own trials in dating&making it work. ON HIATUS Bella is a single mom whose first grader, Rose, is being picked on by Emmett. This will be a series/set of prequels to The Trip Home.

Night nurse Bella Swan blogs about her experiences via "The Nightingale Journals." When Dr. Maybe some role-playing before breakfast will help ease the stress. "A funny, quirky love story about two computer geeks whose playful friendship turns into something more." Chokin' the Rubber Chicken blog.When she meets and gets to know Emmett's dad, what she finds surprises her. AU-H, Lemons AH/AU OOC Edward and Alice have been married 3 years, almost as long as they've been having 'double dates' with Jasper and Bella. it just has four people madly in love with each other. Right now I believe they will only cover Edward and Jasper's time together, so I'll label this slash.These will be covering the story of how they fell in love, pre-Bella. Over-worked, stressed, single dad Jasper decides to take yoga.AH AUTeddy's secret and magical childhood is lost when a family heirloom is destroyed, changing his life forever. Single Vet Bella meets divorced architect dad Edward in an unnamed big box pet store.Now an adult, can Edward open himself back up to magic and love when he meets a beautiful - and hauntingly familiar - woman in real life? Bella and Edward become closer as the wedding nears. After a steamy night together, they're left to figure out their feelings and how to mesh two very different lives. Written for the Twilight Kink Fest, this was a photo prompt. Bella worries when her girlfriend admits she wants to be spanked. Alice explains, Rose demonstrates, lessons are learned.

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