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It featured a dirtier version of Pee-wee and pals than later audiences would see, but it still had its roots in childhood charm, ending with a joyful note as a boy's biggest dream—to fly—came true.In 1980, Pee-wee Herman hit the silver screen for the first time.But I got totally involved in the marijuana, and here I am today, 76 years old, kicking butt on Before we move on, tell me about getting high with John Lennon. We were at a party at [record producer] Lou Adler's house, and all the hippies were there, the Stones, Mick Jagger and the boys, and John Lennon, Rod Stewart. It was written by a Canadian guitarist named Gaye Delorme. He was playing this standard guitar that was made in Canada, and he was trying to sell one to Joni and Geffen shot it down. I've got a conservation habit, like, if I end up with a roach I don't throw it away – I put it in my pocket. My son and I grew about 20 plants on the roof and when we were trimming them, some buds would fall on the floor and my son would walk on them. Since you're a light smoker, is it weird for people to bring you weed? In that case, one last question: Is Dave there, man? I was looking for a place to get high, and Lou said, "Use the bedroom." So I went in there and lit up this big, old, smelly joint – the real stinky kind – and something caught my eye. He was kind of weird, but again, I got high with him and Keith Moon. He didn't like the guitar; he found it too tinny. To me, each little flower means a moment's pleasure somewhere, so I would scrounge and pick up all the buds off the floor. I made a rule: I never get high with what they give me. Cheech got burned a few times where it was a little more than what he expected. Is there anything else you wanted to add about anything? Dave was just here, knocked on the door and left you some weed. He brought giant underpants that he turned into a swing, Gremlins cereal, a film about lunchtime manners, and made audiences wonder who this guy was and where they could see more of him. When movie studios passed on it, the project was snapped up by Netflix.After years of waiting, fans were finally treated to a teaser, and then a full-length trailer.

We had a band, and Sly had a band and we crossed paths in San Francisco, but I saw what cocaine did to him, so I stayed away from it and heroin. That was trip, too, because he was staying with Cheech at the time, and Cheech was dating Joni Mitchell – or at least he went out with Joni Mitchell one time – and there was Joni Mitchell and David Geffen, and Gaye Delorme came out of the bedroom, and he said, "Listen," and he played the riff."When I got high for the first time, when I was 18 years old, I got visions of how one could prosper in this world. You can smoke it, but you can't buy it and you can't sell it. I was with Jimi one night and he wouldn't smoke pot, but he would be in the bathroom for a very long time, sort of incoherent and nodding off on heroin. That's why I never went near heroin, because I've seen people like Hendrix, who was incredibly talented, cut his life short because of the stupid drug that kills you.Everything just got so clear." Besides, Chong says, pot isn't that dangerous: "You can't OD on marijuana," he says. What's your take on the current legal-weed situation in Washington, D. And I saw what cocaine did, like to Sly and the Family Stone: I knew Sly when he was just starting out.When Gilbert Gottfried got it instead, Reubens wondered if he should pack it in. —he got some cash from his parents and help from his Groundlings friends, and put together .The live stage show ran for five sold out months, and was filmed by HBO for a TV special later that year.

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He also had knack for finding cool stuff and showing it off, stemming from his love of thrift shops and vintage toys. Note for the future: 13-year-old Judd Apatow was watching those episodes, and became an instant fan.

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