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Small amounts of fish, salt, lobster, bananas, shoes, and pharmaceutical products are exported. Women and men do heavy physical labor; however, domestic work is an exclusively female domain.

Large quantities of food, construction and building materials, machinery, and textiles are imported. Children often follow the same trade as their parents.

The effects of drought and famine were compounded by poor administration and government corruption.

It was not until after the second world war that relative prosperity began to return.

In 1951, the Portuguese changed Cape Verde's status from colony to overseas province and in 1961, granted full Portuguese citizenship to all Cape Verdeans.

This is due, in part to the growth of tourism which has been enhanced by the construction of luxury hotels and resorts on several islands.

Construction comprises nearly one-fourth of the GNP as the country continues to urbanize and the population expands. Cape Verde's main trade partners are countries of the European Union (Portugal, France, Holland, Germany, Spain, and Italy).

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A war of independence was fought from 1974 to 1975 in Guinea-Bissau, another Portuguese colony on the mainland also seeking autonomy.

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