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The first season comprises 23 episodes, the first eleven of which ended on September 9, 2008.Despite marketing issues, the remaining twelve ended up as part of the first season, which concluded its initial airing on March 23, 2009.The season focuses on the relationships between families and friends dealing with the unexpected teen pregnancy of character Amy Juergens, portrayed by Shailene Woodley.Probably the last girl anyone would expect to suffer such a scandalous event, Amy's world begins to expand as she discovers that virtually every student at her high school deals with some secret or unexpected problems, from the religious good-girl Grace to the tough-kid Ricky and to clingy loving Ben.Last year we also been getting these rumors that this actress is also hooking up with Nahko Bear.This actor looks quite jealous of this last relationship.She also previously dated We are quite sure that both Shailene Woodley and Theo will be enjoying their personal lives the way they enjoy their professional lives!All of their fans will for sure get excited if their rumored wedding news will come out to true.

Scared to tell her parents and unsure what to do, she turns to her two best friends, Lauren and Madison, for help.Woodley indicated in September that she probably would not participate in the TV movie but had not yet confirmed that she would definitely be sitting it out.It seems likely that her co-star, Miles Teller, will not appear in the TV movie either.Being a part of a female-driven ensemble was a career high—but Woodley hopes the rarity of casts made up of women will soon cease to be a hot topic.“Until we reach the day we do a red-carpet for a show like this and people don’t [ask] what was it like working with four female leads, and until it becomes a societal norm, we have a lot of work to do,” she explained on the carpet.“You don’t see five men leads talking about working with five other men.

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