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Convicted sex offenders can have restrictions placed upon where they can live, the kinds of jobs they can take, and even whether they can have custody of their own children.Only an experienced New Jersey sex crimes attorney can tell you what you are facing.Morris County Militia in the Revolution —Incidents of the War 32-37 CHAPTER VI. Timothy 131, 133 Kanouse Family 269 Kearney, Michael 318 King, Andrew 43, 298 King, William L 171 Kitchel, Aaron 3 19 Kitchel, Abraham 20 Lefevre, William B 237 Lefevre, William Jeff 392 Littell Family 261 Marsh, Ephraim 380 Mc Bowell, Rev. This mill was the most convenient one to that part of the township which lies around Hibernia, Egbert's Corner, Greenville and Mer- iden. Recovering from the Revolution— Mor- ris County Men in the War of 1812 37-39 CHAPTER VII. Slitting and Rolling Mills— An tiiracite Furnaces and Foundries 56-62 CHAPTER X. Travel and Transportation— Turnpikes— The Morris Canal— Railroads 66-71 CHAPTER XII. William A 136 Megie Family 388 Moylan, Stephen 51 Neighbour Family 375 Ogden, Abraham 24 Ogden, Samuel . Martin Hiler built a grist-mill on the small stream east of his house, which is the old stone house on the left side of the road after crossing Peer's lock, toward Powerville.

My first lawyer, who told me that I would probably spend at least some time in prison, barely gave me the time of day after I paid him. He negotiated aggressively with the federal prosecutor and I ended up with a short term of probation.

Insist on invoking your right to legal representation, and contact the firm of James S. Sex crimes are particularly devastating for the defendant and his or her family.

Aside from the possible penalties, they destroy the reputation of the accused when word of the charges gets out.

CORNELL UNIVERSITY LIBRARY FROM Date Due t H^ii TFtoaif Interlibi arv toari — Cornell University Library F 142M8 H66 History of Morris Count Vj.. Jersey, wi 3 1924 028 828 386 oiin Overs Cornell University Library The original of this book is in the Cornell University Library. New Jersey under the Dutch and English Governors— Slavery 8-10 CHAPTEH lir. L., Boonton 186 Hager, John S., German Valley 377 Hager, Lawrence, " " 376 Hinchman, G. In addition to such acknowledgments the author of the history of Chester would mention the loan of books to him by Hon. While a few unimportant mistakes may perhaps be found in such a multitude of details, in spite of the care exercised in the production of the work, the publishers confidently present this result of many months' labor as a true and orderly narrative of all the events in the his- tory of the county which were of sufficient interest to merit such record.

There are no known copyright restrictions in the United States on the use of the text. New Jersey's part in the French and Rev- olutionary Wars 11, 12 CHAPTEK IV. Volunteers— Roll of Com- pany K— List of Patriot Dead 100-102 CHAPTER XXI. Samuel L 308 PAGE Vail, Alfred 160 Vail, George 175 Vanatta, Jacob 172 Ward, L. M., Dover 328 Hull, Aurelius B., Morristown 170 Johnson, William C„ Chatham 199 King, William L., Morristown 171 Lindsley, Oscar, Passaic 199 Marsh, Ephraim, Schooley's Mountain 380 Stoddard, E. B., Morristown 176 Vail, George, Morristown 175 Vanatta, Jacob, " 173 ILLUSTI^ATIONS, PAGE Baker, William H., Homestead, Rockaway 363 Hartley, William & Son, Machine Shop, Bart- leyville 255 Beach, Columbus, Residence, Dover 316 Brown, John P., Hotel, Newfoundland 240 Chovey, Charles L., Residence, Madison 204 Cole, J. c Qj L^^ ^, and the total number of children was 2,307.

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"W^ =^l^ c^:^ it=J--'- PRESS OF GEORGE MACNAMARA, 36 VESEY STREET, NFW YORK. Participation of the State in the Wars of this Centnry 12, 13 CHAPTER v/ Educational, Governmental and Benevo- lent Institutions— The State Administra- tion 13-15 CHAPTER VI. A Sketch of the Geology and Physical Geography of Morris County 10.2-1C8 CITY A^D TOWr(SHIP HISTORIES. N 383 Segur, Thomas B 336 Spencer, Oliver 31 Stickle, Hubbard S 362 Stiles, Jonathan 24 Stoddard, Rev. W .370 Stotesbury, John 53 Stoutenburg Family 382 Thompson, David 36 Tuthill, Samuel 34 Tuttle, Rev. B 176 Welsh Family 375 Wick, Henry 35 Winds, William 24, 399 Woodhull, Rev. Baker, Henry, Rockaway 360 Biker, William H., '• 363 Bruen, James H., " 312 Budd, Daniel, Shester 315 Butterworth, J. The average monthly pay of male teachers was $48.60, and that of female teachers $34.04. There were several grist-mills in operation at conven- ient points in the early days of the township; in fact water power was so abundant that nearly every farm could get up a water supply of its own, and the "old mill" was to be seen a hundred years ago.

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