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This isn’t the end of the world, but it is another surgery, there are costs involved, the patient often goes to another doctor for this, et cetera.

So, for this surgeon, it’s easier to put in a non-multifocal lens where the risk is that if the patient doesn’t have adequate near vision you can give him a pair of reading glasses.

The process is not yet done, however, in the Symfony.For many cataract patients, multifocal intraocular lenses have worked well and have afforded them a broader range of vision postoperatively.For others, though, the possibility of glare, halo and other qualitative vision problems has led them to shy away from multifocal lenses and stick with monofocal options.“Some want to see the computer and at distance and are fine with wearing a light reader, while some might like the computer and near vision distances and are fine wearing glasses for distance.” Dr.Chu says he’ll often employ monovision with the Crystalens to boost the near vision.

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Having that education is more important than saying, ‘You drive a truck so you shouldn’t get this type of lens.’ ” As to what a patient’s postop near vision will be, Dr. I really emphasize it’s a binocular system, and our goal is to use both eyes together.

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