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Mentally, I calculated he'd lost around 20 per cent.

Another midwife visited the following day with digital scales and we were immediately readmitted to hospital and put in the care of a paediatrician.

I knew while I was in the West Suffolk Hospital, Bury St Edmunds - which earned a Unicef Baby Friendly certificate the month before I had my son there - that I was not doing so.

Discharged two days after an emergency caesarean, I was visited daily at home by midwives who told me that perseverance was the key, adding that interchanging with a bottle would jeopardise any chance of success.

But she is critical of NHS targets and UK hospitals' pursuit of Unicef's Baby Friendly status."It has a lot to answer for," she said.But campaigns such as these put health professionals under such pressure that, even when breast-feeding is failing, as with my son who lost 23 per cent of his body weight in a week, they are unwilling or unable to help a mother switch to a bottle.Independent baby experts fighting this militancy in the breast-feeding movement believe that across the UK up to 1,000 mothers and their newborns could be hospitalised each week as a result of NHS Local Delivery Plans.Like 76 per cent of mothers in the UK, I had chosen to breast-feed.It's almost impossible not to, thanks to the relentless Breast is Best campaign run by the Department of Health, in tandem with powerful supporters such as Unicef, The National Childbirth Trust and the La Leche League.

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Driven by predictably stern targets, the civil servants have already achieved a rise in the number of women breast-feeding from 69 per cent in 2000 to 76 per cent in 2005.

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